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God made only water, but man made wine
Victor Hugo, 1802-1885, French Writer


Ξινόμαυρο / CabernetWinemaker: Laurens Hartman
Vineyard: Annette van Kampen
Country /province: Greece, Macedonia
Grape variety: Xinomavro, ungrafted (50%)/ Cabernet Sauvignon
Soil: 60% – 40a% sand-clay in Amyndeo plateau and 60% – 40% sand-loam  in Vegora/Levea lake sediment
Altitude above sea level: 650 m
Vineyard area: 4,5 ha

  •  Xinomavro: Rasto, Prisecca, Sotirtsko (sub-regions of Amyndeo -plateau)
  • Cabernet: Levea on the shores of lake Vegoritida

Climate type: Semi continental
Climate characteristics: Cold winters with lots of snow and rain,  hot dry summers with cool nights
Biologal fungicides: 2 x sulphur, 3 x Copper Sulphate
Harvest: By hand; Cabernet: 5000kg/ 35 hL per hectare; Xinomavro: 7000kg/ 50 hL per hectare
Harvest dates:

  • Xinomavro: october 3rd – 6th
  • Cabernet Sauvignon:  September 18th


  • Xinomavro: Temperature controlled fermentation (5 days skin contact) in inox fermentation tanks. Max 22 Celcius. No use of pumps.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon: Temperature controlled fermentation (15 days skin contact) in oak fermentation tank. Max 28 Calcius. No use of pumps but piegeage and gravity. Not filtered.  8 months ageing on Ermitage barrels from Allier en Nevers, light toasted.

Tasting note: It has deep purple colour, strong fruity nose of red berries, cherries, cassis, wild strawberries, raspberries sundried tomatoes, and wood tones like vanilla and toast. Similar fruit expression on the palate, medium to light body, pleasant acidity, moderate alcohol and considerable length. Can be drunk slightly chilled.
Alcohol: 12,5%
Ph: 3.25
TA: 6 mg/ L
Sugar: 3 g /L
Meta bisulfate: 20 gr/ ton at crush, 20 gr/hL after fermentation